Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One Page: Untitled

I still have no idea what to call this which is unusual for me since I come up with titles almost immediately. Guess I'll just have to wait until the title occurs to me. For now, here's installment three of my One Page project.

The gun chilled her skin where he pressed it. One bullet and she would be as dead as her sister. Had this asshole killed her?

Please don't.

Her sister's last words rang through her head and Zara tasted blood as she chomped down on her tongue. The world flashed vivid in colors she couldn't describe and she saw the hulk in front of her for what he was: a spineless bully.

Images assaulted her but she beat them back. Now wasn't the time. First live. Then investigate.

His eyes bulged as she pressed closer to the gun and took hold of his arm.

"Wrong one," she said before dragging him inside and off his feet. Tossing him into the staircase, she whipkicked the door shut. "You killed my sister." Zara spit a mouthful of blood on him and he cringed. The gun lay abandoned on the stair. Stalking closer, Zara heard his heart as it pounded, what a delicious sound. Hunger rumbled through her. He would taste delectable. She sniffed the air as she drew close enough to feel his terrified breath on her skin.

He struck hard enough to pop her head to one side and ring her right ear but not enough to put any distance between them. When she brought her gaze back with a snarl, he attempted to crab walk up the stairs backward. Snaking an arm out, she snatched him down by his left ankle. His head thunked against the stair.

"Where are you going?" The question, undoubtedly rhetorical, brought on a torrent of words.

"I'm sorry. Let me go. I'll pay you." The words shivered.

Coward. Yellow bellied bastard. There would be no dignity in his death. She felt pity asking her to spare him. Let the fool run free. Unfortunately, her inner predator said kill him, skin him, eat him, and do the world a favor. Plus there was the matter of him paying for her sister's murder.

Yes, yes.

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