Objects: Stories of Things. Sept 2014. A book of short stories including my favorite, Fresh Dead Flowers. AMAZON | SMASHWORDS | ITUNES
Chains of Fate. June 2015. Fantasy. A tale of romance and reincarnation. An immortal king, Vad'Alvarn, is confronted with a second chance at love when his dead lover, Leviana, returns in the body of another woman. With world conquest hanging in the balance, he must chose his love or his crown. AMAZON
Blades of Fate Coming Soon. Fantasy The continued saga of Vad'Alvarn and Leviana. 300 years into Leviana's reign, she is nearly assassinated by the young man who is the new vessel for Vad'Alvarn's soul. With assassins on their heels, they must travel back to the beginning in hopes of finding the end.
October Sky. Dec 2015. Young Adult Fantasy. Emmaline Simmons, an alchemist in training, must save a magical king and reopen the well of souls before the world is overrun with zombies. AMAZON | SMASHWORDS | ITUNES
Dark King Rising. Dec 2015. Fantasy. When the creatures from Marie Ellis's novels start to come to life, she and those closest to her must fight to keep her greatest creation, the Dark King, from rising into the world and destroying everything she holds dear. AMAZON | SMASHWORDS | ITUNES
Wearing His Ring. Feb 2016. Young Adult Fantasy. When the adoptive family of orphaned Melina Camp is threatened by a curse, she must do everything in her power to bring them back from the brink before the flames die. She Becomes Death I AMAZON | SMASHWORDS | ITUNES
Wielding His Scythe. Upcoming. Young Adult Fantasy Her world rocked by the loss of her adoptive mother, Melina must continue on. Unfortunately, moving in the shadows is someone looking to take her life and the ring Death gave her. She Becomes Death II
Winning His Kingdom. Upcoming. Young Adult Fantasy. With the end of the world as she knows it looming, Melina must make one final desperate attempt to reconnect with her own past in order to save her future. She Becomes Death III

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