Saturday, August 20, 2016

One Page: Still Untitled

Here's the first one page piece from this story: CLICK HERE.

Zara finished off everything, including the jello, which her brain declared needed alcohol. At the end, she felt like she could have eaten more but the pain said what she really wanted was the medicine the nurse promised. Luckily drill sergeant nurse showed up as if summoned with a syringe in her hand.

"Now this is something for pain and to help you sleep, so don't be surprised if you find you can't keep your eyes open."


"There's a buzzer near your right shoulder should you wake up and need someone. Don't hesitate to use it. Here's the TV remote. Don't worry about falling asleep and leaving it on. It won't bother nobody." Then she smiled. "Get some rest." Even though the smile was all teeth, it was still comforting. Somebody cared.

It only took a few minutes of watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta on rerun for the drugs to start to work. The world turned soft, fuzzy, hazy and gray before the black crept in. Without fear, Zara let it take her.

Air, thick with blossoming magnolia, crowded around her as she turned in a circle. Trees pressed in though she stood on a red brick path under heavy moonlight. Night birds complained nearby. Gossamer peace held the scene by spider silk threads and they were breaking. Rolling in from the horizon thunderheads promised foul weather. Zara looked around for shelter but she might as well have been in the deep woods for all she saw. Silver droplets pattered down through the trees and she felt a massive footstep. Again, slow and rhythmic horror came but she couldn't see it. The urge to run scampered through her but her body stood frozen. Whatever was coming would find her an easy target.


"Miss Croft!"

Voices layered on top of one another and they beckoned her to a world of daylight.

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