Monday, August 29, 2016

2 Sentence Horror Stories [And it's not Halloween]

I discovered 2 sentence horror stories while I was browsing PINTEREST for horror story ideas and immediately fell in love. So I decided to give it a try myself as an exercise in brevity. Here is what happened.
1. "I'll love you forever," I said to my doll. When it said "Forever won't take long," I paled.

2. We were laughing and bouncing on the bed in the glow of the nightlight. Then something from the ceiling grabbed Sue.

3. My brother has been dead 3 years. He no longer smells when he follows me to school.

4. I stood over his grave exultant; I had finally won. His hand burst up from the ground.

5. The embers of his burning body swirled in the moonlight. Then came his voice from behind me, "We're not done yet".

6. Rest in peace all the tombstones say. My peace would be being alone in my own coffin.

7. I accidentally locked myself in a closet, so I screamed to be let out. Unfortunately, all I can hear over my screams is someone babbling and sharpening a knife.

8. It was all I could do to pray the prayers of my childhood. What else do you do when you find the Devil in your living room holding your dead daughter?

9. There was poison coursing through my veins, blood coming out my nose, and a grin on my face. He thought killing me would set him free when all it really did was piss me off.

10. I woke up and my entire head hurt. Stumbling to the mirror, I saw my mouth had been sewn shut and LIAR branded on my forehead.

11. Crazy they called me, but they never knew. Of course, they couldn't know what its like bearing your twin in your body.

12. They thought they finished me off. Guess I shouldn't have shown up to their party in the clothes I died in.

13. The horrible, terrible, inescapable truth is that we're all going to die. However, we are not all going to become vengeful poltergeists, I hope.

14. The downside of not surviving a suicide attempt, you get recruited by a demon to push others to suicide. Bummer.

15. Her head snapped up and she capered toward me like a broken marionette. I unloaded the clip into her and she kept on coming.

16. Lying beneath the stone, I felt my ribs crack as my chest started to give way. My last thought, I'll show them what it really means to kill a witch.

17. I often dream of my mother's lullabyes at night. Tonight, it's 3am, I'm home alone, and it's coming from just inside the closet door.

18. "There's nothing to be afraid of," I tell myself as I shelter my candle. The teeth flash just before the candle is blown out.

19. I found my mother in her workshop surrounded by the remains of her dolls with a knife in her neck. The next night, I awoke to my favorite of her creations standing by my bedside.

20. "Oh, human, you have so much to learn about paranormal warfare. Lesson one, meddle in the affairs of the Elders only if you're okay with being served medium rare, like a steak."

21. Being in his arms was so comforting, so safe. I wonder what it will feel like when I've reattached them to his torso.
Hope that was enjoyable and maybe a little spine tingly. Drop me a line in the comments to tell me your favorite.