Friday, August 5, 2016

Bullet Journal Lessons

My bullet journal isn't super pretty, but I like it.

Things I've already learned:
  • Get a journal with thicker paper. Otherwise, you end up with bleed through and indentions.
  • You can literally track anything if you decide you want to, all you have to do is come up with some kind of tracking mechanism.
  • Pick something big enough that you don't have to write super small but still small enough to fit into your bag. Otherwise, you won't carry it and it can't do you much good sitting at home on your desk.
  • Along with being able to track anything, you may find you wish to track everything. This is a bad idea. The glut of information is paralyzing.
  • Pretty is great, but functional is everything.

    So I really only have one month in it and a couple of list pages where I'm keeping track of things like the info I need for my wedding and some exercise/habit stuff. Thinking of setting up a new habit tracker like I've seen on Pintrest. Might help me keep track of a few more things like what time I go to bed and whether or not I'm writing every day. Right now, I'm not writing every day but that's a thing for another time. I really need to write about my experience with burnout but I don't think I have anything really new to say. A post for another time. Here's some pics of what August looks like in my bullet journal.

    Rebekah @ Run Away From Zombies said...

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your tips. Those tips make sense, but I wouldn't have thought of them off the bat.

    Most of my planning is digital. Were you mostly digital or analog before bullet journaling, and what benefits have you found doing it this way compared to your former?

    I'm am drawn to bullet journaling, but I am also telling myself that my system works now so I should probably not eff with it.

    Alledria said...

    I'm mostly digital. Almost everything is contained on my phone. However, I am a junkie for writing things down, so an analog system isn't really that hard for me to keep up with. I currently use something of a hybrid system. Things that require me to actually take notes or have reference information are generally in the bullet journal. If I can solve it with a simple note in my calendar, it's in my phone.

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