Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Unintended Series [Chains of Fate]

When I originally wrote Chains of Fate, I intended it to be a one off attempt at me writing something a little romantic. The premise is a little romantic: a cursed king is given a second chance when his first love is reborn in the body of another woman. Maybe not 100% Harlequin material, but close enough for government work. However, after getting some feedback on it from various sources, it became clear that the story didn't quite end where I wanted it to. I won't tell you how the story ended in case you haven't read it yet. Suffice to say, several people said it was ripe for a sequel. Definitely not what I intended or expected. However, what do you do when your biggest fan clamors for more? In this case, it was my mother, who fangirls Vad'Alvarn, asking for a rewrite of how the story ended.

In response, I wrote Blades of Fate which hasn't come out yet. Unfortunately, after taking some time to look at it, that wasn't where the story ended either. So now I'm left with two books and no ending. Well, well, what do I do now? Why, you write a third one of course. So this week, in fact, today, I started writing the third installment in the Chains of Fate series which I have tentatively titled Cities in Time. If you've read the first book, you are aware of the living city of Backaran, which figures prominently in the narrative. It returns in Blades of Fate, but you're still wondering what exactly is going on with the fact that the city is alive and has a personality. I finally answer that question in Cities in Time. You also find out there are others, but I won't tell you too much about them. Must leave a few things for you to marvel over when the book comes out.

All things considered, I intend to wrap up all the loose ends with this book because truthfully writing book four doesn't appeal to me and I've got other series waiting for me to finish them as well. Here's to getting this book written and ready to go.