Thursday, October 8, 2015

[Television] Sleepy Hollow Returns!

For those who benefit from my TWITTER feed, you know I'm an unabashed Sleepyhead. I've been waiting for the newest season of Sleepy Hollow to come on for what feels like ages. And to start the first episode by seemingly axing a major character (Headless), I'm a little floored. I enjoy that the magnificence of magic is available and that we start with our first monster being non-Western, but I feel like Ichabod Crane with the need to catch up. Abbie's an FBI agent. Ichabod is out searching for his family. Jenny is trying to be gainfully employed. What the hell happened? Of course, a lot can happen in 9 months and no one likes to be stagnant.

Then there's the new big bad, or is she? We don't know yet what is going on Pandora. All we've seen of her so far is that she can unleash demons from her box. However, that doesn't necessarily make her evil. It makes her a problem, but not necessarily evil. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She might have a very good reason for whatever it is she's doing.

The addition of Betsy Ross as a member of Washington's spy ring is interesting. Another strong female character is always welcome. Her flirtation with Ichabod is kinda cute. I'm waiting to see how she's going to factor in over the course of the season. You know this is too good not to get some mileage out of.

I am a week behind, and will probably be at least a couple days behind for the rest of the season. The point is I'm going to be watching, carefully, and more than likely listening to the SleepyCast on a regular basis.

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