Monday, April 6, 2015

I Love this Site: HabitRPG

My all time favorite productivity website is HabitRPG. Since discovering this almost a year ago, it has helped me increase my weekly word count while remembering to get things done like my language lessons and eating healthy. You start out at level one with nothing and the tutorial walks you through how to add Habits, To Dos, and Dailies. This is the heart of the game. And that's what this is, it's productivity disguised as an awesome game you can play. You earn levels, buy equipment, gather pets, and create mounts all while getting the things done that you really need to do. I have a blast. I'm currently on level 63 and have a group with which I'm doing a lot of the pet quests so that I can earn things like rabbits, rocks, seahorses, and T-rexes. Yes, you can literally earn a T-rex egg, hatch it in one of ten colors, and grow it up so that you can ride it.

That's kind of awesome.

The even more fun part of this is that HabitRPG is always looking for contributions from its members. Yes, there is a subscription system which helps to pay for the program's upkeep, but they are also looking for developers, artists, and writers to improve the game for all of the players. That's awesome.

The wway I use it is to keep track of my writing. I have a daily of "Write 1,000 words or edit 2,000 words" plus a habit of "500 extra words" which helps me to stay on track for getting at least a little bit of progress every day toward my overall goals. You get extra gold depending on how long you can keep your streak going. And it works on my iPhone so that I can check things on the go, a feature I very much like.

Another stellar part of HabitRPG is the community aspect. You can build small groups called parties or larger groups called guilds. This enhances the game by bringing you together with like-minded individuals with whom you can share your triumphs and your failures. Everyone should join the guild "The Newbies" right out of the gate because it is a resource for all the new fun features of the game when you're just starting out. There you can get answers to all the questions that have been asked dozens of times without shame because that's what the group is there for. After you've joined "The Newbies" scroll through the guild listing and see if you can find another guild or two that strikes your fancy. Join in on the chats and even the challenges they have set out so that you can get the full aspect of the game.

This is my favorite website/app for productivity work. I'm LadyAsh82 if you're looking for someone in the guilds. You can find me in the "The Wordsmiths" or "The Nerd Fitness Rebellion (Unofficial)", hope to see you around.

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