Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Progress Report [The Writing Continues]

I have decided that every month, or maybe twice a month, I will do an update on where I am with my various projects as a way of holding myself accountable to be working on things consistently. This ought to be interesting.

First Project: "The Becoming"
Now 60k+. I've been using it as my CampNaNo project for April and have almost added 30k to it since April 1st. I'm not quite sure what the anticipated word count for this should be because it has outgrown its outline more than once, so now I'm just going along working from the scenes I have left to get to a finish point. Once I finish, it's into the box for a few month growing period while I work on other things. Like...

Second Project: She Becomes Death (the trilogy)
The first book has been completed. The second book has been completed, including a minor rewrite to make it more cohesive. The third book is waiting for my attention preferably when I finish with "The Becoming." Overall, I think the series has potential and I'm proud of the fact that I wrote three books that are related to one another and the plot flows throughout. I've written books that are tangentally related to one another before, but they didn't turn out as well. Testament to many years more practice as a writer.

Third Project: Chains of Fate
I recently reunearthed (that's exactly the non-word I want to use) this project while working on something else entirely. I've rewritten this book a grand total of five times. As a friend of mine put it, "It's time to either publish it or stop working on it." I'm on the fence about whether or not I should go ahead and self-publish it. First it would need a kicktail cover. It would be my first true novel on the bookshelves. It was also my attempt at writing something that might fall along the lines of a romance, but not really. Second, I still think there are parts of it that could be better. However, knowing what I know about writing (again lots more practice) there will always be places where I'm thinking I could write this better if I just had another rewrite. So I cannot necessarily let that be the reason I'm not willing to do it. Do I think it's a good book? Yes. Do I think others will like it? Yes. Do I think there will be those who dislike it? Yes. I sorta wish I had a publisher or even an editor who was behind me saying, "This is good. Leave it alone." I don't, so it's up to me to make decisions about my work which is both freeing and terrifying.

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Rebekah said...

Very cool. Looks like things are coming along. Sounds like you need some test readers for that third one... :)