Saturday, January 5, 2013

Plans Set in Motion

"At the end of the day, you either wrote something or you didn’t," begins a post at entitled At the End of the Day. The point is: you are still a writer whether that particular day worked out or not. Each day dawns with new possibilities and new chances for words.

Sometimes you just need that encouragement. I know I do. There are a lot of days when other things get in the way. Dishes. Laundry. Work. Friends (I promise I still love youse guys). Family (You know I love you guys). My own emotional issues. That movie I've seen a thousand times and really don't need to watch again. Some of it's trivial. Some titanic. It still just gets in the way.

So as I told Tiana Warner in a comment on an earlier post: I am going to schedule my writing time this year. I've been trying to sort of tabulate when I get the most writing actually done. I'm doing it empirically, Excel spreadsheet, looking at when, how long, and how much I wrote in an attempt to find out when my brain appears to be at its most productive. No use in scheduling time to work when I'm generally frazzled and unable to get words down on the paper. So for ONE MONTH, I'm going to keep track of things and then tabulate where my productivity lies. Once I know, then I can pin down something of a schedule at a time likely to help me actually make some significant progress instead of piddling around.

Wish me luck.

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