Monday, January 28, 2013

As Things Progress

Writing Progress: 15 handwritten pages on my newest project "Hush". Still no definitive idea of when I am at my most productive, I simply write whenever I have a minute.

In other news, I placed "Chains of Fate", one of my completed novels, into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. The date to hear of its progress is February the 13th. Not exactly what I would consider to be a terribly auspicious date, but eh, it isn't a Friday so we should all be safe. Either way, I celebrate the overcoming of fear required to actually put my work out for someone else to see.

Along the same vein, I am audio recording a few of my short stories for distribution through Itunes and other avenues. Just in case anyone is in need of a fix of my work. Look to see something more about that by the end of next month.

In life news, after two years of faithful service, I am officially departing from the Ghosts and Gravestones Trolley Tour in Savannah Georgia. It's been a fun-filled and sometimes strange couple of years, but I've enjoyed myself and look forward to what can come next in my life.

The first and last steps are usually the hardest. ~Anonymous

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