Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Year Stumbles Out as the New Year Stumbles In

The Year 2012 stumbles its way to a close and with that, I look back on things. I haven't written in this blog in over a year, busy with other things. That is one of the things I hope to change in the coming year. As the year, again, draws to a close, this is generally the time when people start looking at starting new things.

What some would call 'Resolution Season'. I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. They are lovely ideas, but the truth is: they don't generally make it through the month of January. The resolution to drastically change personal habits seems both unrewarding and self-defeating. You are asking yourself, however old you are and entrenched in your ways, to make a drastic change. Human beings, as a whole, don't really do or like drastic. The comfort of routine is what gets us through every day. The knowledge that this movement is the same movement we have made a thousand times and thus know the outcome to makes it all bearable.

It makes life easier. It makes change harder.

All that being said, I do look at my coming year at the end of December beginning of January and plan. At the end of 2011, I looked into 2012 and said I would do three things. Those three things were: 1. Stop Using Responsibility as a Shield against Experience. 2. Change my Living Situation. 3. Publish a Piece of Writing. I managed the first two. The third has still managed to elude me; therefore, it is going on the list of three for this year. It will stay on the list every year until I manage it.

So that means one of my three pieces is taken up. What are the other two?

1. I will travel to Waynesboro, Pennsylvania this year. I was actually born in Waynesboro almost 31 years ago now, but I can never remember having seen the place. I was born in July and by September was in Savannah, Georgia which my mother called home. In short, I've never actually been there. This will also be my first trip up into the northern states since I was in the 8th grade. All in all, it should prove to be rather enlightening.

2. I will update my blog more frequently. I have allowed this blog to fall by the wayside being under the mistaken impression I have absolutely nothing to say. The truth is: I have a lot to say. I just need to take the time to sit down and say it. I won't put a number on how many posts I will make over the course of the year, but I am going to endeavor to post here more frequently.

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