Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Gender Genie

I have fallen in love with Stumble Upon. Like most writers, I am looking for every excuse not to write. Procrastination is an art form.

As I wandered, I came across this: The Gender Genie, which proclaimed to be able to predict the gender of the writer by analyzing word usage. The website was last updated in 2007, I believe, but that did nothing to negate my interest. After all, I was wasting time wandering around on the internet and trying to find ways not to actually work on anything. Enter convenient distraction. So of course the challenge was on.

I took my Personal Tidbits entry and plugged it into the site. From those 388 words, I received a score of:
Female: 220
Male: 629
The site's conclusion, the most likely gender of the blog post writer is 'male'. Most of you have not met me in person to be able to attest to lack of validity of that statement, but let me assure you, I am very much female.

Since I still had time to kill and I wanted to give the site a chance to redeem itself, I plugged in The Lantern, a short story I wrote a week ago. For those 560 words, my score:
Female: 785
Male: 620
Conclusion: Female.

Okay, so it redeemed itself the second time around. 50/50 isn't bad when you're guessing. Not so great when you're applying scientific formulas.

What does this prove? Nothing except that I can find interesting ways to waste time on the internet when I should be doing research. If you want to give it a shot, let me know in comments how it turned out. Make sure to link the piece that you used.

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Z.J. Ascensio said...

Ooh, interesting!

Okay, I tried a nonfiction piece: 12 Freaky Facts About Toxoplasmosis. Result was male.

Then, I did a short story: The Fall of The Center of the Universe. This time I got female.

That was fun, but I think it can use improvement!