Thursday, March 11, 2010

Burn Notice Fan Spotlight: Jason Burgos (BurnCast00)

Today is the first Thursday of Burn Notice's hiatus and we are all feeling the first pangs of withdrawal. However, through the absence of new episodes, we fans continue to show our love for the show, the actors, the creator, and the location. To that end, I bring you the Burn Notice Fan Spotlight, a look at the fans of Burn Notice and what they are doing to share their love of the show.

This week, we feature Jason Burgos, the creator of BurnCast00, a podcast specifically geared toward the Burn Notice fans. Jason is a 20 year old, massage therapy student with dreams of moving to Miami. (No, I'm not trying to sell him to you, so do not send me offers. Send them to him.)

So you run a podcast, what made you choose that medium to share your views?
I started watching the show when it began in the Summer of 2007 and loved the premise of it. The show hooked me from the beginning, to say the least. During the second season, I hooked my best buddy and co-host, Josh, into Burn Notice. We were always talking about the happenings of the show, Michael, and how hot Fiona is. Sometime later, in 2009, I wanted to start a podcast after listening to my very first podcast in 2008, Starkville House of El, and really found a love for it. So, I created this podcast about Burn Notice since no one else had which I found strange yet exciting. I could carry the torch, so to speak, on the podwaves for the show. Plus it seemed the best way to express my love for this show its actors, writers, crew, and Miami, my 3rd home.

What's your favorite Michael built gadget?
Wow! Tough question since there are so many. This season, I will say I loved the potato chip satellite can seen in Ep. 3.03 "End Run" where Michael hacks Brennen's phone and gets all the info he needs to hurt him.

Do you find yourself applying any Westen wisdom in your own life? Tell us about it.
Yes, I do actually. A lot of the voice-overs deal with how to take down enemies, build gadgets, or make bombs in Fiona's case, but when he talks about family and friends and how no agent is effective without SOME type of help from somewhere, I apply that to myself and always try to be there for my family and friends, even when they mess up my time with the ladies just like Sam.

If you could make ONE suggestion to Mr. Nix & the writers, what would it be?
Oooh, another tough one. Well, only one right? I would suggest Mr. Nix allow me to interview them. I kid I kid, though that would be nice. I would really suggest diving deeper into Mike and Sam's past to see just how they became such great and loyal pals.

Favorite character and why?
Wow, you really know how to make me think. I love each character and the flavor the actors add to them which make them unique but I will have to say Sam. I know you were expecting Mike, and he is a favorite, but Sam is loyal. No matter what, he will do what it takes to help. He has a heart of gold, or beer, but will risk everything, even his life like we learned at the end of season 1, to help or save Mikey.

How do you pitch the show to those who haven't seen it yet? (Shame on them.)
Well, when I was working at my previous company, I sold it to my friends there, and my cousin, as this show that was like James Bond, Jason Bourne and The Saint with Val Kilmer. I used that a lot. At first, they seemed to just watch it because I recommended it but after the first episode I became their dealer since they fell in love with the show. When this 3rd season started, I had the 1st and 2nd seasons on DVD and literally did not see my DVDs for 2, almost 3 months, because they were getting passed around so much.

Favorite villain.
Carla. She would just blow me away every episode from the 2nd season. I miss her so. From Twitter: @ourladyofashes: Dude, it sounds like you've got a crush on Carla going on there. @BurnCast00: Guilty as charged, more like a crush on Tricia Helfer. ha.

Favorite quote.
Hmm, that's food for thought. "Go easy on the mojitos."-Mike "They always go easy on me."-Sam. Again too many but this is one is classic Burn Notice.

Michael Westen versus Neil Caffery (White Collar), who would win?
Oh, hands down Michael Westen, I mean c'mon a thief versus an ex-counter intelligence agent. As Sam would say, "Easy-peazy."

Anything else you'd like to share with the other fans?
Just to keep showing all the love and support that this show has. It has the best fans out there where we all have something to love about the show and want to share. Kudos to USA and Matt Nix for this awesome show.

Please check us out if you love the show at, email me (, or follow me @BurnCast00 or Josh @GreyWardenG on Twitter. We want to apologize to our listeners for the lateness of our podcasts, but real life does happen and we appreciate their patience. Thank You Miss Hurt for this wonderful opportunity! Go Burn Notice!

Would you like to be featured on the Burn Notice Fan Spotlight? Drop me a line in comments or DM me at @ourladyofashes on Twitter and tell me what you're doing to share the Burn Notice love.

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street serenade said...

Wow, I had no idea there was a BN podcast! Thanks for the heads up on that.
I'd love to be a part of this, though the only thing I've really contributed to the fandom is five or six Burn Notice fanvids(which can be found on my YouTube page).

Or if not me, I'd totally want to nominate this frequent BN vidder. She makes some amazing fanvids for the show ^_^