Thursday, February 18, 2010

We are definitely raising a Geek

I am the proud co-owner of a four year old. I say co-owner because she is my niece and if I said I owned her, my brother (her dad) and my mother (her Mimi) would probably take serious issue. Ownership question aside, my niece is a geek. She probably does not know it yet, but she is just the same.

To illustrate, we are currently working on letter and word recognition. A. B. C. D. Apple. Bird. Cat. Dragon. Yes, dragon. She recognizes the word when she sees it and takes great pride in pointing out the dragons she recognizes on the Dungeons & Dragons poster I have hung on my bedroom door.

How did this come about? Simple, she was raised by geeks. My mother (her Mimi) has always encouraged targeted long-term acquisition. For her, it was Swarovski crystal and porcelain roses. My older brother collects the cartoon character Tigger from The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. My little brother has a heavy preference for video games (he was playing Tecmo Football at three). Me, I collect dragons and comic books. She's still too young for me to trust with my comic books, most of which are older than she is, and thus valuable enough for me to wait past the hamfisted stage of her development. The influences of each of us can be seen in her choices of activities:

She uses a dragon poster to practice reading and color recognition. She knows the Tigger Song word for word. She screams when she does not get a turn at Dance Dance Revolution while others are playing.

There are definitely people who would think now is a good time to cut off the geekishness at the pass through the use of the normalizing effect of television; however, in our family we watch CSI, Bones, Burn Notice, and Fringe, so I do not think that will help in any way. Besides in this day and age, I think raising a geek is something to aspire to. Now to start on her brother. He's only 8 months old, but you really should start young.

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