Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top Chef Las Vegas: Episode Four

I am a couple of episodes late in writing about Top Chef Las Vegas. Season 6 is already to episode 4, entitled Vivre Las Vegas, which should automatically bring to mind French something. So of course, the set up is simple. The episode starts with a Quickfire and then moves on to an elimination round.

The Quickfire: Use escargot. Snails are a regular protein in French cooking, unlike here in America where we look at them and turn up their noses on general principle. Jennifer is definitely turning out to be my favorite, though I'm also falling for the brothers. I would love to see those three get to the top to duke it out. Mike I., Jennifer, and Kevin came out on top, with Kevin picking up the win with perhaps one of the most awesome prizes yet, getting a chance to sit and eat with Joel Robuchon (Chef of the Century) during the tasting of his competitors' dishes.

Ashley, Jesse, and Robin were the bottom three and since elimination was up on the block, they got a second round to make an amuse-bouche (a one bite dish) to showcase their talents. Now Ashley and Jesse seem to like the bottom. Jesse has been in the bottom group almost since the beginning of the season. Should she have gone home? Oh yes. She probably should have gone home a lot sooner, but there were others who needed to be weeded out first.

Anyway, Jesse failed, again, and was sent home. Bye bye, Jesse.

The Elimination Round: Take traditional French preparations (protein and sauce), pair them up, and make them spectacular to be served to French greats Joel Robuchon (Chef of the Century), Laurent Tourondel, Jean Joho, and Hubert Keller (Top Chef Masters finalist) as well as the judges and of course Kevin, the Quickfire winner.

Before we start talking food, I have to say that I love how Kevin handled being asked to dish on what was said at the table. Rather than saying anything about anyone, he kept his mouth shut and said nothing at all. No favorites being played there. Kudos Kevin!

On to the food, so the top were the teams of Bryan and Mike I. and Jennifer and Mike V. Really, it is already starting to feel like it is going to be a knock-down drag out between the brothers at the end of this. Bryan walked away with the overall win for the episode, not surprising.

At the bottom were the teams of Ash and Hector as well as Ashley and Mattin. Now, sending Hector home was a major surprise. Personally, I think Ashley should have gone home because she's been in the bottom several times already this season for her cooking. Hector has not had as many missteps, but it just goes to show that there are forces unseen working on the show.

Winner: Kevin
Loser: Jesse (ELIMINATED)

Winner: Bryan
Loser: Hector

More info, bios, and some verbal dish at the show's website. (

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