Thursday, September 10, 2009

Burn Notice: Yogurt Watch

Burn Notice is getting encore episodes. I am almost giddy. This does not make up for the lack of new episodes by any stretch, but it's like an appetizer, a reminder of why this show rocks completely. Already, the 4th season has been okayed, so 2010 is going to see more antics beyond even the end of the 3rd season we are still waiting for.

Since the show is getting encore episodes, I thought I would take a moment and do a shout out to LizVogel over at Livejournal for her Yogurt Watch. A hardcore fan, she watches each episode for the yogurt which has become a bit of a game for the fans. We know that Michael has a thing for it, so we are eagle-eyed in watching for it and even a little disappointed when the yogurt does not make its expected appearance.

Best Yogurt Moment: Episode 35 'Shot in the Dark' | In response to Michael's pep talk after the case is over, Joey says, "So you're saying I should eat a lot of yogurt?" (Michael's response: "Couldn't hurt.")

Worst Yogurt Moment: Episode 29 'Friends and Family' | Harlan pours beer in his yogurt. *shudders*

Yogurt Watch, Ladies and Gentleman, stop bye, say hi, and let LizVogel know her attention to detail is appreciated.

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carlo said...

Right buddy, i think you're not almost giddy but i think you're fully giddy.. He he he he.. Just kidding man.. I'm a huge fan of Burn Notice episodes and always like to watch it whenever i have free time..