Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stan Lee at it again

Check out TimeJumper, the brainchild of Stan Lee (Spiderman & X-men fame) and Disney. An awesome online comic book downloadable through ITunes. It can be seen on the internet as well as on phones.

I spent some time clicking my way through the website (linked above) and I have to admit to really liking this. Stan Lee himself is the voice of the CEO of H.U.N.T (Heroes United, Noble and True) Corporation, Lee Excelsior. It is actually very cool that he interjects himself into his work so much rather than playing the man behind the curtain. Check out H.U.N.T's website and take their recruitment quiz.

Like most everything in entertainment these days, TimeJumper has several features to it, including personnel files (character bios), surveillance photos (sketches/concepts), and classified videos (behind the scenes videos).

Terry Dixon, the TimeJumper himself, is the son of Arthur Dixon, the genius behind the time jumps. However, Terry wasn't the first choice for its use. His older brother, Sam, who has since disappeared used to be the one leaping back and forth through time. Now with Arthur dead and Sam missing in action, Terry is the only one left that can use the technology his father created. So he's responsible for protecting the time stream from C.U.L.T (Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists) led by Charity Vyle, while balancing his schoolwork. (Sound familiar?)

Currently, TimeJumper is on a monthly release schedule.

Check it Out!

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