Monday, August 17, 2009

King of Fighters XII

I can describe King of Fighters XII in one word: disappointing. I have been playing King of Fighters for a long time, almost since it first came to the United States, so I have pretty much seen absolutely everything they can do to this franchise. Up to this point, I have been perfectly okay with the things they have done. This time, however, I just cannot find it in myself to forgive this newest installment. The graphics, while they are very pretty, are such a departure it is off putting. Clark and Ralf look like they are about to go into a fit of steroid induced rage. Iori in a short jacket just looks utterly wrong. Disappointing.

Then there is the simple number of characters available. This version gives a character approximately 20 characters, the lowest number of characters available in a King of Fighters game. Somewhat sad since I am used to there being a character for every mood; not to mention, several of my favorites (KING!) are missing. The decision to cut her has cost them at least one longtime player.

Finally, there are the moves. Yes, there were like three special moves per character previously, which is maybe a bit much. However, having that many moves allowed each person to play their characters a little differently. With fewer moves, the number of strategies and tactics goes down. It is simply a given.

All together, not worth the money spent on it in my opinion.

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