Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel: Is this the end?

It might be the end of an era: Disney to Acquire Marvel Entertainment. I am not even sure how to look at this. Marvel Entertainment has been a part of my life for so long that I honestly cannot even begin to imagine what my life would be like without that influence.

I have written several comic book scripts over time. I consider Stan Lee to be one of my personal heroes. I am absolutely terrified that once this happens, Marvel Entertainment as I know it and love it will cease to exist. Things have not gone all the way through, the Marvel shareholders still have to have their say, but all the two companies are waiting for are the rubber stamps to usher them through the rest of the process.

According to the Times, Ike Perlmutter is staying on to oversee the Marvel properties so there is still some hope of things not taking a complete and drastic turn for the worse. Maybe we can use that to take heart.

I personally do not particularly like this idea (I am not alone); however, to say that it does not make good business sense would be unfair. Disney has a hard time reaching the boys, which Marvel has always been great at. Not to mention the recent major box office successes Marvel has pulled off. Marvel has never quite managed to pull off globalization, which is Disney’s primary schtick.

Paramount Pictures is still in on their contract until it runs out, so have no fear, Iron Man will still come out.

As it stands, this deal is not finished and no one could truly predict what will come out of it. I, for one, intend to take an optimistic bent. Marvel just got a major infusion of cash and a star maker engine no one can argue with, that is never a bad thing.


Lee said...
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Marieta said...

As much as this fills me with all sorts of dread, I can't help but think I might be a blessing in disguise.

Disney, like you said, is more global and has more money to spend. You've gotta start worrying about over-saturation now because Disney doesn't pull punches.

Or maybe it will finally bring an end to the sickening, over abundance of comic book movies being made.