Tuesday, October 4, 2016

One Page: Keys of Eternity

Still leapfrogging around in the manuscript, but nearing the end of what I have already written. In the meantime, I'm also collecting everything so that I can offer it as a short story for those who would like to read the whole thing. I hope you're enjoying things so far.
With a bang of the screen door, Kelly and The Hound appeared. As usual, Kelly was dressed in what Elise lovingly referred to as rainbow vomit. Next to the unrelieved black of his mother, anything with one of the bold colors he favored would be an improvement. The problem was he generally chose several loud clashing colors which only accentuated his ghostly Irish transparency he got from his deceased father. The Hound, a deep brown dog of indeterminate breeding and speculative age, trotted over and pushed his head into Zara's lap begging for attention as Kelly locked up.

"You big baby," Kelly said. "C'mere so I can put your leash on."

Obedient, The Hound ceased its begging and sat down with its head up to be properly attired for his trip to the park.

Before the pair headed off, Kelly said,

"Miss Zara, I'm really sorry about your sister."

"Thanks, Kelly."

"Did you hear that they lost the body of the guy Mom shot? There was some kind of accident up on Liberty and the body went poof. Weirdest shit."

Zara stared. Kelly waited a few seconds before waving a hand in front of her face.

"Man, you can practically see the loading screen. You okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. Fine." She scratched her temple. "Just like you said, weird shit."

After another pause and Kelly shuffling his feet back and forth like an anxious five year old, he said,

"You know, Mom probably wouldn't mind if you stayed with us until this whole thing is sorted.."

"Sure. I'll think about it." Zara rose from the stair. "You better go before Hound poops in your Momma's plants."

The dog sniffed around the little purple pansies at the side of the stairs with gusto.

"Right! Bye, Miss Zara." He took off at a jog toward Forsyth with The Hound keeping pace. Zara let herself into her apartment.

So the body was missing? That didn't really mean anything. Somebody misplaced it or mislabeled it. The accident caused it to go up in flames. Whatever. No reason to worry about it. After securing the door, she trudged up the stairs. The headache brewing behind her eyes had reached max volume. Time to put her feet up and close her eyes. She could make more phone calls later.
And things continue.

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