Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year! Forward ho!

It's the fifth, we are firmly in the year of 2016. Huzzah! Well done all. Now to see what happened last year worthy of note versus what we have possibly planned for this year already. Truthfully, I can't say that I put out my first publication last year. If you've been around a while, you might remember a little project called Objects that I put out in September of 2014. That little book of short stories holds the honor of being my first real publication. However, that doesn't mean last year wasn't a year for milestones. I put out my first novel last year in June, Chains of Fate. So far all the feedback I have received has been good. There are a few nitpicky details I will be fixing before the anniversary of the book and the publication of book 2. I followed that up with a second book in December, Dark King Rising, for a total of two books out in the year 2015. I'm trying something a little different with Dark King Rising as I started out offering it on multiple platforms while I went with Kindle Direct Publishing Select on Chains of Fate. As much as I enjoyed running the free promotions on KDP Select, I didn't really see myself getting a lot out of it. These days, free books just don't move like they used to. Glut in the market, I more than suppose. In short, last year was a good year for my writing career. I started it off running. I know, I know, the big question is: Did anything sell? Well, technically, no. I'm not doing well in the sales department. I am not, however, worrying about it. The books are good. Word of mouth is moving slowly. It will take some time for it to gain the appropriate momentum.

What's on the board for this year, 2016? Well, first I have a third book coming out which will be the first in a trilogy, Wearing His Ring. The trilogy title is: She Becomes Death. The other two books are slated to come out this year as well, as soon as I can get them out of my hot little hands and into the hands of readers. The sooner, the better. Not rushing though. I must say that, I am not rushing. I'm giving myself 2-3 months at a stretch to work on the manuscripts because I think that's the best thing to do. Enjoying the process.

I get to make my first public appearance as an author with a table at Gnome Con 2016 down here in Savannah, GA. For those who don't know, Gnome Con is a small convention, still growing, that is put on over a weekend. This year, it's the beginning of March. I'm looking forward to that and trying to have my third book ready to go by then. Selling actual physical copies will be quite interesting, I'm certain. Who knows, if I do well, I might get asked to be a guest at some point in the future. That would be ace.

So here's the rundown:
Wearing his Ring: February 26, 2016
Wielding his Scythe: March 2016
Winning his Kingdom: April 2016
Blades of Fate (The second Chains of Fate book): June 2016
That gets me to the middle of the year with an entire trilogy completed. I think that's thinking far enough in the future for right now. I'm sure more new things will happen that I feel the need to post about. Until then, ta-ta.

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