Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Progress Report [A Cover Reveal in my Future]

It's the end of May and what have I done on my projects. I think I've been pretty productive.

Project One: The Becoming
I completed the first draft at 78,223. There are already things I know are going to come up for either fixing or axing in the rewrite, but for now it is complete. Time to put it in the freezer for a couple of months while I work on something else.

Project Two: She Becomes Death (trilogy)
I haven't made any headway on this project. Granted, I need to print it out and send it to a friend who has already offered to read it for me and tell me where the warts are. I'm thinking I will get that done in the next week.

Project Three: Chains of Fate
I commissioned a cover for this book and it came back amazing. So I have the kicktail cover I was looking for back in April. I've formatted the interior file and set it up on Createspace. The proof copy is in the mail. This is becoming very real. The next thing you know I will be a published author.

Project Four: Dark King Rising
Adding this one to the list. My next novel in progress. It is the next book I have close enough to completion to consider getting a cover for.

I've made some progress and that is good. I am definitely looking forward to next month.

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