Monday, June 24, 2013

The Eudora Project

I just recently got a chance to take part in a play entitled "The Eudora Project" down in Savannah, Georgia under the direction of Jeanmarie Collins, a known instructor in the Spolin style of acting. A bit of a stretch to my abilities, I have to say. I have had the good fortune to take classes with her throughout the past year along with my other projects. "The Eudora Project" was a set of three one act plays (The Petrified Man, Why I Live at the P.O., and Lily Daw and the Three Ladies) based upon the works of EUDORA WELTY, a prominent Southern writer, who wrote what she knew, small town Southern life.

This first picture is of me trying out my Pygmy costume for our rendition of "The Petrified Man". I was pretending to have been shrunk down to size. Truthfully, for me that isn't terribly far being only a little over 5 feet tall. I like the expression. One of my friends said, "You look like you've just seen a T-Rex".

This is the final cast and crew photo for "The Eudora Project". Don't we all just look so happy? Like a group of hungry zombies stopped to take a class picture.

It was a lot of grueling work which ended in a good show where many laughs were had. I call that good enough.

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