Monday, September 19, 2011

So Netflix...(A Non-Subscriber's Perspective)

I do not have Netflix. Several of my friends do and they have always been major proponents of the company. However, when the price changes came this past summer, the overall feeling was one of outright betrayal. It was a complete 180 degree turn from their previous praise. So much venom spewed toward this formerly well-loved company.

I would not necessarily comment on something like this since it doesn't directly effect me in any real way except I was entirely too amused by the letter from the CEO of the company which starts with an idea a child could have written. A CEO of a major corporation and he writes an 'I'm Sorry' note on the third grade level. I'm not entirely sure whether to think he is insulting his customers or selling himself short in the writing department. Either way, he didn't actually do anything about the real problem: THE PRICE.

Hello, my friend, if people are upset at you about the price, perhaps you ought to do something about the thing that has them pulling their subscriptions and posting angry letters on the internet.

Except apparently that wasn't what he decided to do. Well, Mr. Hastings, I was a fence sitter in the debate leaning toward taking on Netflix; now, I can safely say I will not do business with your company nor the little imposter creature you seem intent upon creating at any point.

Pleasure hearing from you though, Mr. Hastings.

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