Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project: Gadsden Performing and Fine Arts Elementary School

I am a Pepsi Girl at heart, even if I live in what could be considered the heart of Coke country. However, even I was somewhat skeptical when the Pepsi Refresh Project first appeared on the scene. For all of its rhetoric, my first thought was: "Oh goody, another way for a company to get free publicity while doing absolutely nothing for real."

I am glad to be wrong. In fact, I am ecstatic to be wrong because now Gadsden Performing and Fine Arts Elementary School of Savannah Georgia is looking to the Pepsi Refresh Project for a chance to use the $250,000 grant to save their Fine Arts program which has been decimated by recent budget cuts in the school district.

Any and all people (over the age of 13 with a valid email address) are being asked to register with the Pepsi Refresh Project and vote for Gadsden Elementary’s grant proposal. Also, by signing up directly with the school, you can be sent a reminder notice to log in and vote again. According to the contest rules, each signed up individual may vote once a day until the contest ends on May 31st. Sign up for the email reminder.

If you believe in art education and what it can do for young children, register, vote, get the reminder, and vote again. Education should not be decided by budget, but since our system works the way it does, we the people have to do everything we can to make sure art education (with all its benefits) does not fall by the wayside.

Gadsden Elementary, Pepsi Refresh, and the Fight for Art Education on AC by Alledria Hurt.

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