Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Geek Pride Day

This was my first ever Geek Pride Day, which I stumbled across from an article by Sharon Schmidt Tyler entitled: Geek Pride Day May 25th. Of course, I found other resources, such as those provided by Jillian McCoy, another Associated Content writer.

Geek Pride Day: Her discussion of what Geek Pride Day is including a definition of what is a Geek.

Geek Pride Day Party Ideas: Ways to celebrate Geek Pride Day.

10 Ways to Celebrate Geek Pride Day: I went with the low key choice of sitting down with a book, Android Karenina, and whiling my day away in an unrealistic environment. There was also a copious amount of watching my little brother play Bayonetta. Android Karenina is not available to the general public yet. I have a review copy furnished by Quirk Classics. Look for my review of the book here on June 8th.

All in all, since I finished a five hundred page book, I will call it successful Geek Pride Day and look forward to doing it again next year.

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