Thursday, April 15, 2010

Burn Notice Fan Spotlight: Returns from Hiatus

The Burn Notice Fan Spotlight returns and this time, I’m putting my money where my mouth is by interviewing myself. Why? Because I really should not be asking questions of others that I am not willing to answer myself.

Hi, I'm Lexx, the writer of Creative Chaos, the lovely blog you are taking the time out to read. I'm an almost native Savannahian who happens to be on the southern side of thirty (though not for long) with degrees in both English Literature and International Studies. You can catch me on Twitter @ ourladyofashes or Email me at

What am I contributing to the Burn Notice Fandom?

I’d like to believe that I’m bringing the fandom closer together by finding other fans promoting the love of Burn Notice. I also write about other aspects of the fandom such as my article at Associated Content about the people Burn Notice fans should be following on Twitter.

My Favorite Villain.

Personally, I really loved Carla. She was beautiful, she was feisty, and she went down with a bang. It was something of a pity she was starting to come apart when they finally kissed her good-bye. Even better that it was Fi who got to shoot her.

Favorite Cover ID

It seems like every time Michael takes on a new persona, I fall in love with him all over again. I suppose that is what being in love with a great actor is, you are always caught in a sense of being in awe at the mastery. Yet, I think my favorite is when he was Louis the Devil. The finger snap boom and the raspy Clint Eastwood impression just made it perfect.

Favorite Character

I would love to say that Fiona is my favorite, and I really do have a strong love for the trigger happy ex-girlfriend, but I have to say that Sam Axe as Chuck Finley is actually my favorite character. Yes, Sam as Chuck, not just Sam. Chuck is just the jack of all trades in Sam’s repertoire. I really do not know why I separate those two, but I do.

Why do I blog about Burn Notice?

I love to write and it is a lot easier to talk about the things that you like, simple as that. Thus, I write about Burn Notice, share my interest with others, and hopefully bring others to this fandom.

Favorite Gadget

Really, the faux bomb from the Pilot is still my favorite when you get right down to it. How to get attention without actually doing anything at all.

One other thing that makes me smile.

The cell phones. Every time you turn around, they are doing something with a cell phone. I have learned more about cell phones from this show than anything else and it amuses the heck out of me.

Remember: Burn Notice returns on June 3, 2010. Also, the show has already been extended into seasons five and six as of Thursday, April 15, 2010. So there will be Burn Notice and yogurt into 2012. Horray!

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