Thursday, March 4, 2010

Personal Tidbits

This blog is relatively new (opened in 2007). My career as a freelance writer is still getting off the ground (Officially started in 2009). Why am I doing this, especially since this seems like a lot of work to go through for uncertain things? The simple answer: I want to. I like to write. I am one of those people who always has paper and a pen. That person in line leaning up against their grocery cart jotting down a thought or three while the little old person in front of them counts out their bill in change or haggles over the price of peaches.

Of course, this is assuming I am not nose deep in a book. When I was a kid, the worst thing my mother could do to me was revoke my library privileges. I think that was the first time I ever sat down and cried over a punishment without there being an actual spanking involved. The truly sad part was that my brother was actually the one who did wrong and I was just the one who got in trouble for it.

I went to school, received my degree in English Literature, and then went back because I was still interested in quite a few things and got a degree called MALPS, Master of Arts in Liberal and Professional Studies. Quite a mouthful which is why I do not say it often unless someone directly asks me what MALPS means. I have found that most people simply nod sagely as if they understand it and then change the subject. I think that is a great way to handle the pointless. What my degree is called means a lot less than what my degree means to me and taught me along the way. What I learned would take a much longer post. I just wanted to hand out a few little tidbits about me.

The content of this blog so far seems to revolve around Burn Notice, a television show created by Matt Nix and shown on USA Network, the books I read, and occasionally even the movies I manage to get out and see. However, that is not to say these are my only topics. I also manage to write for Associated Content and Demand Studios. There is some cross-posting going on between the three.

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