Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black Panther gets his own animated series

Black Panther is getting his own animated series. Why this surprises me I really do not know. After his marriage to Ororo (Storm of the X-men), it seems that Black Panther is crawling out of the woodwork to try and become a serious character on the Marvel roster. Do I agree with this? Not really, but I probably have not given him much in the way of real thought thanks to the way his marriage was handled. Honestly, I see this as another publicity stunt meant to rehabilitate a franchise.

Whatever my personal thoughts on the subject are, Black Panther the Animated Series begins its run on Australian television on Saturday, January 16th. The series starts with T’Challa becoming King and having to find the murderer of his Father. It’s a mini-series team up between Marvel Animations and BET Networks.

Check out more information on the series at You can even see previews of the artwork.

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