Friday, July 31, 2009

Burn Notice continues to own my life

So Burn Notice, USA Network’s flagship show about burned spy Michael Westen, continues to own my life. Things keep getting more and more interesting even though they are getting to the end of their third season. After all, one would assume that the need to get back into the spy game wouldn’t take up more than one season, much less three that have managed to not only hold interest by consistently wow those who take the time to sit down and watch it. The characters are perhaps more interesting than the plot itself. The plot is great, but the characters, Michael, Fiona, and Sam make it all worth it. Even Madeline, Michael’s mom, pulls you in as she consistently gets dragged into the workings her son is pulling off as a side character.

I will never forget her discussion at the end of Season Two when she tells Sam to go save her son rather than worrying about her, the job that Michael gave him.

I am almost breathless waiting for the end of Season Three. Season One, they had to save Sam from drug dealers. Season Two, Michael jumps out of a helicopter off the coast of Florida to escape Management. What is it that the writers have in score for us now?

Missed an episode? Check it out on HULU.

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